In The Media

Hawai`i Public Radio.
Hawai`i News TV.
Voice of America (TV and Radio interviews).

Narasi TV (Indonesian language).

Included in “Five Books You Must Read In Your 20s to Understand the Socio-Political Challenges that Young Generation in Indonesia Face.”

Included in “Reading Indonesia: 30 Books That Will Help You Understand the Southeast Asian Giant.”

Interview with the Centre for Appearance Research about Racism, Colourism, and Constructing Whiteness in Indonesia.

Interview with New Books Network about my book Pain Generation.

Interview with SBS Radio Australia (in Indonesian language)

Interview dengan VOA Indonesia soal Non-Biner

On a debate, hosted by Goethe Institute, about Decolonizing Beauty (on WhatsApp platform).

Dalam acara Bongkar Kata, Sekolah pemikiran perempuan (YouTube) (in Indonesian language)

Dalam acara Belajar Teologi membahas soal iklan dan kecantikan (YouTube) (in Indonesian language)

(Un)filter me (Podcast in Indonesian language)

“Wikisexuality” with (Interview with DW about Dr. Saraswati’s book Seeing Beauty)