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Dr. Saraswati is available for consultations for research organizations, private companies, and individuals on issues of beauty and body image, sexuality, digital media, advertisements, globalization, women and emotion, women and consumption, women and migration, elderly care, and Indonesian women.

She also provides one-on-one writing coach via skype or phone.

For consulting fee, please contact her at:

Testimonials from past writing coach clients:

“With the coaching I received from Ayu, I was able to grow quickly and successfully in the direction I desired to go. Her encouraging words, positive spirit, and talented insight was well worth my time and resources. Ayu was a sound investment for achieving my desired writing goals, and a joy to work with.  Who knew learning could be so fun?  Thanks to Ayu, I experienced talented coaching and discovered a beautiful friendship.”

Jennifer Dean-Hill, MSW, LICSW
Individual, Family, and Marriage Therapist


“I am grateful to Dr L Ayu Saraswati for her support, guidance and patience during a very critical phase of my academic career. As a “mature” junior scholar who had earned a doctorate in my late 50s, I was struggling to both believe in myself and find the appropriate tools with which to complete an article for publishing. This would be my very first major academic journal article, based on my dissertation. I was nervous, confused and kept re-writing the article without making any real headway. I was going round in circles and, more significantly, I was ready to give up.

Dr Saraswati, or Ayu as I call her, provided me –first and foremost – with advice that made me feel I was not alone. She believed in my abilities and capacity to complete this project and told me she would be there, alongside me, not judging me but always acknowledging the reality of my struggle, my “failures” if you will, and providing concrete and doable solutions. I took baby steps, learning small but vital tasks, for instance, of keeping track of what I had done each day, even if I had done (what I would have originally thought to have been) very little. I might have planned a certain section of my article and noted the plan in bullet points. Earlier I would have downplayed this action as worthless and probably thrown away the piece of paper on which I had made my plan. But Ayu helped me create a structure, through an excel sheet (which at first was intimidating, but slowly made so much sense!) wherein I noted my plan and also noted that it was a positive concrete part of my project to write my article.

As each day progressed, I began to build on that excel sheet. I developed a plan of action and tracked how much of it I was accomplishing; what needed to change perhaps; what and where I needed to write or to edit or reshape what I had written earlier. Ayu helped me look at my original article draft and make sense of it; she showed me how to plan; this is very crucial to the success of any project but when I was writing, I would begin intuitively, run or sprint with energy and enthusiasm no doubt but without taking any time to strategize the pathways I would pursue, without mapping out clearly, in black and white, the blueprint of my discussion. And thus, when I ran out of breath or hit a dead end, I would panic, lose hope and give up. End of story. End of my article.

Dr Saraswati helped by not being judgemental but also by holding me accountable for each task. She was herself totally consistent and available as she promised so she set a great example. As well, she believed that I, yes only I, could accomplish this project. What I mean is that she did not tell me to do this or that, rather made me realize how I could help myself and showed me the way to acquire the tools to write. She suggested reading a book that really helped me; I have since then passed this knowledge on to others and they, too, have learned from that book.

Thank you Ayu!” ~Almas Zakiuddin Ph.D (The University of British Columbia, 2012) Mississauga, Ontario, June 21, 2016



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